Record Trials at NSL

There are just seven short days remaining until the 2004 National Sport Launch begins in Hearne, Texas. In workshops all everywhere paint is flying, glue is dripping, and sanding dust fills the air as rocketeers feverishly prepare for the big event!

If you haven't pre-registered yet, please register at the NSL '04 web site.

One of the special events at NSL '04 will be a NAR Records Trial, an opportunity to set or break any duration event record in the NAR Pink Book. Here's today's update, courtesy of Austin Area Rocketry Group charter member Lee James:

So, what is a record trial and why is anyone AARGUEing about it?

Record Trial: A NAR event sanctioned for the purpose of setting official NAR performance records under rule 6.3.6 of the United States Model Rocket Sporting Code.

AARGUERS: All American Rocketeers Getting UnEstablished Records Set or Austin Area Rocketry Group UnEstablished Record Setters. Our purpose is to forever remove the unseemly blight of unestablished records from the NAR records list.

US Model Rocket Sporting Code Rule 6.3.6 Record Trial: This type of meet is conducted for the purpose of providing an opportunity and facilities for attempts to establish or surpass official United States and FAI model rocket performance records. No NAR contest points shall be awarded. Events to be flown must be indicated on the application for sanction. Any number or combination of events may be flown. In a Record Trial, an NAR member duly entered in the meet may have as many opportunities as time and weather permit to make a record flight. Record Trials have no Contest Factor.

The NAR sanction for this record trial covers all duration events. No altitude tracking is available. Altitude record attempts are NOT allowed.

If you think you might like to attempt to break or establish an NAR national performance record at NSL, please pre-register on the Texas Competition Consortium NAR Data Central web page for Upcoming Events & Pre-Registration:

There is also information on unestablished records as well as the time you need to get to break a record. Pre-registration is not required, but will get you personalized paperwork and an official AARGUERS name tag.

In keeping with AARGUERS record trial tradition, this event will offer minimal range support. You'll check in and launch from the NSL model rocket range. We'll provide one stop watch and the paperwork. If you don't pre-register, you'll complete a registration form at check in. The only differences from a non-record trial flight are:

  1. I'll be there timing the flight and completing the paperwork.
  2. You must present your motor for verification and marking at or before check in.
  3. The motor(s) you use MUST be marked as contest certified on the current NAR certified motor list.
  4. You MUST return the model to me before noon on 31 May, 2004 to set a record.

If you want to attempt an Egg Lofting record, you must supply your own egg. I will measure and weigh it. Eggs must have a mass of no less than 57 grams and no more than 63 grams; and measure no more than 45 millimeters in diameter.

We will be strictly following the United States Model Rocket Sporting Code (Pink Book). The Pink Book is available online at the NAR HQ web page. There is a link on the TCC NAR Data Central web site. Please be sure you fully understand the requirements for the record you want to set. Remember: you must return the model to the record trial official(s) to set a record. No return = no record. The Pink Book sez:

17.4 Return Regardless of the rules of the individual event, the model must be returned to the officials for a detailed examination after the flight to verify compliance with all rules for that event. Rule 10.4 does not apply.

We'll be discussing the particulars of establishing records on the AARGUERS list:

Y'all come out and help us eliminate those unsightly unestablished records!

Lee James

James Duffy
National Sport Launch 2004 Event Director